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Need-based    Undergrad     10%    Sat-Mar-2023


Hopkins offers need-based scholarships to undergraduate international students. Approximately 10% of the incoming international freshmen received need-based scholarships. The average scholarship is 25,000, but individual amounts can be more or less, depending on the financial need of the student. Hopkins is need-aware for international students, meaning that financial circumstances are considered in the admissions process. Hopkins meets 100% of calculated need for all students, including international students. If you are an international student and you think that your family will need financial aid, be sure to indicate this on the admissions application and send in the The CSS Profile and signed copies of parent and student most current income statements, converted into U.S. dollars to the College Board’s IDOC Service. This may be a tax return or some other form of verification of annual income, benefit statements from your government or parents’ employers, if applicable. Hopkins is need aware for international students, meaning that if we admit you knowing that you need financial aid, we will meet 100% of your calculated need

Scholarship Requirements:

Full demonstrated need Required Documents for CSS Profile. Financial aid documents are required.

How To Apply:

CSS Application Required All financial aid documents must be filed by November 15 for Freshman Early Decision applicants, and by January 15 for Regular Decision applicants.

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