Amherst College

Need-based    Undergrad     100%    Mon-Feb-2023


Amherst College follows a need-blind admission policy for all students — domestic and international. This means Amherst will admit international students without regard to their level of financial need or request for financial aid. In addition, Amherst meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all international students who are admitted to the college and apply for need-based financial aid.

Scholarship Requirements:

Admission Committee is familiar with various education systems around the world. In reviewing your application, they consider grades, standardized test scores, comprehensive exam predictions or results, essays, recommendations, independent work, the quality of your current academic program and your achievements outside the classroom. No one aspect will determine their decision; instead, they look at the sum total of your experiences.

How To Apply:

Early Decision Deadline - 1 Nov,2019 Regular Decision Deadline - 1 Jan,2020

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