B.N. Duke Scholars Program Duke University

Merit-based    Undergrad     71904 (Full Tuition, Room and Board, and Mandatory    Thu-Mar-2023


Every applicant to Duke University is considered for 8 out of the 9 merit scholarships offered at Duke University. All students who apply and are accepted for undergraduate admission to Duke University are automatically considered for a merit scholarship. Merit scholarships are available for both domestic and international students.

Scholarship Requirements:

B.N. Duke Scholars emerge from their experience at Duke as leaders, problem solvers, and members of an extensive community that spreads across the Carolinas and beyond.

How To Apply:

Finalists are selected based on the individual criteria for each scholarship. Finalists for the Alumni, A.B. Duke, B.N. Duke, Reginaldo Howard, Robertson, University, and Trinity scholarships will be invited to participate in a four-day campus visit at the end of March that will include an interview and opportunities to meet with faculty and current scholars. Those selected as finalists will be notified early March by email. Other scholarships may include a phone or Skype interview as part of the finalist process. Deadlines: Early Decision - Nov 1 Regular Decision - Jan 2 This scholarship is available in Duke University as well as in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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