Arati Foundation Scholarship - for Courses in Art , Culture , Entertainment & Communications

Need-based    PhD     21000    Thu-Dec-2022


This career professional involves services that provide care for people and our very essential part of our society. This scholarship is provided to Indian Students for pursuing undergraduatiom and postgraduation in any Dreams To Fly partner universities in the fields of Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Communications. Type of Scholarship- Student Centric & No seperate Application needed when applied through Dreams To Fly

Scholarship Requirements:

Requisites - The scholarship is awarded to applicants who meet the following criteria :- 1. Should be an Indian Citizen and have been an Indian Resident for more then 5 Years. 2. Not has attained the benefit of any other Dreams to Fly / Arati Foundation Scholarship or Ambassador Scheme. 3. Should not have any criminal record or convictions. 4. Have secured admit from one of Dreams to Fly partner institutions. Duration - 2 Years

How To Apply:

Other Details - This scholarship is meant for students applying for studies in any Dream To Fly partner institutes in the Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Communications fields.

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