Bryn Mawr College: Need Blind

Need-based    Undergrad     .    Thu-Feb-2023


Bryn Mawr College awards need-based financial aid to international students which may consist of grants, loans, and campus employment. The College meets the full demonstrated need for all admitted students and there is a great deal of competition for these funds. Bryn Mawr College is “need sensitive.” This means that the amount of aid a student requests of the College may affect the admission decision. This is because Bryn Mawr has a limited pool of resources, yet is also committed to meeting full demonstrated need for all admitted students. Once admissibility is determined, funds are distributed until the financial aid budget has been depleted. If there are places remaining in the class, a student’s request for aid may determine if she is admitted or not

Scholarship Requirements:

Documents for CSS profile. Full demonstrated need.

How To Apply:

CSS Application Required Deadlines: Early Decision 1 - Nov 15 Early Decsion 2 - Jan 1 Regular Decision - Jan 15

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