Arati Foundation Scholarship - for Business, Administration & Management Courses

Need-based    Masters     25000    Thu-Dec-2022


This scholarship is provided to Indian Students for pursuing undergraduatiom and postgraduation in any Dreams To Fly partner universities in Business , Administration and Management domain. Type of Scholarship- Student Centric & No seperate Application needed when applied through Dreams To Fly

Scholarship Requirements:

The scholarship is awarded to applicants who meet the following criteria :- 1. Should be an Indian Citizen and have been an Indian Resident for more then 5 Years. 2. Not has attained the benefit of any other Dreams to Fly / Arati Foundation Scholarship or Ambassador Scheme. 3. Should not have any criminal record or convictions. 4. Have secured admit from one of Dreams to Fly partner institutions. Duration - 2 Years

How To Apply:

Other Details - This scholarship is meant for students applying for studies in any Dream To Fly partner institutes in Business , Admintration , Finance , Fintech and Management Fields

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