Northeastern University: Dean’s Scholarship Northeastern University, Boston

Merit-based    Undergrad     10000-25000    Mon-Mar-2023


Northeastern has established several competitive scholarship programs to reward outstanding academic achievement. Only fall freshman applicants may be considered for most of these scholarships. Students are not required to complete the financial aid applications to be considered for a merit-based scholarship.

Scholarship Requirements:

Students who are in the top 10-15% of our applicant pool are considered for competitive merit awards. These scholarship awards range from 10,000-25,000 for the first year. In future years, amounts are awarded on a per semester basis, ranging from 5,000-12,500 per full in-class semester.

How To Apply:

To be considered for one or more of these prestigious awards, you must apply for undergraduate admission to Northeastern no later than the regular decision deadline of 1 January.

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