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Job Description

Who We Are ?

At Dreams to fly, we bring a completely different approach to help every prospective student choose their career path. We are a one stop solution providers for all the difficulties faced by the students from consultation to grooming themselves to be ready tor the upcoming challenges. We aim to build the biggest network and community of students, staff and employers worldwide in the near future.

Your Role ?

  • Provide guidance and support to prospective students.
  • Consult and suggest best options available on the campus.
  • Give an honest feedback and review.
  • If in case, you don't know much about a specific domain, help the students by providing them the solutions by getting in touch with students and experts in the university in the specific domains.

What's in it for YOU ?

  • Choose your own pay-wage and hours of work.
  • Flexible Work-time.
  • Earn as much as you desire ,Sky is the Limit !
  • No prior experience or expertise required.
  • Access to our exclusive events & mentorship sessions.
  • Be part of our vast Dreams to Fly Community.
  • Have an opportunity to connect with new students coming on campus .


  • Talk to prospective students and understand what they aim to achieve out of thier goal to study abroad and provide them with right guidance.
  • Help prospective students in thier quest of choosing an ideal university by providing an honest opinion.
  • Not be bias towards your university , course or any particular trending university .
  • Incase you are unsure over a particular question, guide the students to consult another campus ambassador listed on the website.
  • Take students through the variety of course options , facilities available at the universities and any other opportunities available which will make thier university selection easier.
  • Help students find a proper course that would match thier interestes and goals.
  • Have good knowledge of local vicinity to help students with essentials that need to be got along from home and things which can be made available locally as they might be cheaper.
  • Have a frinedly and a homel attitude, try to make every student comfortable in expressing themselves.
  • Gather feedback, find and provide an innovative insignt and solutions in case of negative feedback.

Current Students - Ambassador

  • Students who are currently enrolled in a college or university and are studying a particular subject or program.
  • Students who can provide first-hand insights and experiences to other students interested in studying the same subject or program.

Alumni Ambassadors

  • Students who have completed their studies and have graduated from a college or university.
  • Those who can provide valuable insights and perspectives on the job market and career opportunities available to graduates of a particular subject or program.
Skill & Experience
  • Proven experience of being a student or an alumni of a particular university.
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to communicate within a wide range of student personalities and backgrounds
  • Excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence abilities
  • Basic knowledge of country and local vicinity to suit needs of students from Indian Ethnicity.
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