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Allow me to introduce myself—my name is Rishabh Nahata. I pursued my MSc in International Business, Marketing, and HR Management at the esteemed University of Dundee. Currently, I am an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of ventures in India. My ventures span across the sports industry, wedding industry, and study abroad education consultancy. Driven by a passion for business and innovation, I have successfully established and managed five ventures. Each venture holds a special place in my heart as they allow me to explore my entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to various sectors. I thrive on the challenges and rewards that come with being an entrepreneur. Moreover, I am not only dedicated to my own ventures but also committed to supporting prospective students who are embarking on their educational journey or seeking guidance in their career choices. If you require any assistance or have any queries, feel free to reach out to me. Together, let's strive for success and make a positive impact in our respective fields.
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